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Barry A. Vittor & Associates, Inc. currently employs a full staff of taxonomists with extensive knowledge and experience in benthic macroinfaunal sample analysis from marine, esturine, and freshwater habitats. Our sample analysis includes benthic invertebrates, meiofauna, and zooplankton.

The lab routinely process hundreds of marine samples a year, meeting deadlines even when timescales are tight. Our taxonomists are trained to the highest standard in benthic analysis; all sorting and identification is subject to rigorous in-house quality assurance.


Our extensive in-house reference collection acts as a permanent record of the taxa recorded in a project and is a major aid to verifying identifications. We also maintain a large literature collection which ensures the accuracy of our identifications. Barry A. Vittor & Associates, Inc. has published the seven-volume polychaete guide, "Taxonomic Guide to the Polychaetes of Norhtern Gulf of Mexico," that is acknowledged worldwide. 


Contact Taxonomy Manager, Lauree Stober

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