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   Barry A. Vittor & Associates, Inc. is an independent environmental research and consulting firm specializing in applied biological sciences. Barry A. Vittor & Associates was founded by Dr. Barry Vittor in 1977. Our company has been a staple in the environmental services industry for over 40 years, working not only for the local community but also in other parts of AL, MS, FL, and LA. The Barry A. Vittor & Associates office is located in Mobile, AL. This location provides easy, rapid mobilization for projects throughout the central and eastern United States. Mobile is a port city, found within Mobile county, that beautifully shows off the rich diversity that Alabama has to offer. This region includes pine savannahs, diverse wetlands, and a beautiful bay. As a result, this area has provided our staff with experience in a multitude of environmental services.


   Our highly skilled staff maintains multiple, successful, ongoing projects in the area of mitigation and also yearly, recurring environmental sampling projects for permit compliance and renewal. Our taxonomists are trained to the highest standard in benthic analysis. The taxonomy lab routinely processes hundreds of marine and freshwater samples per year.

   Barry A. Vittor & Associates is a company dedicated to our clients, our local community, and our shared environment. At BVA, we find importance in maintaining and enhancing the world around us to provide a safe and beautiful future for generations to come.



Wetland Delineation

Wetland delineation is the determination of precise boundaries through field surveys using vegetation, soils, and hydrology indicators. A delineation is required for all projects that involve potential impacts to waters of the United States.

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Phase I
Environmental Site Assessments


A Phase I Environmental Site Assessment or ESA is a report prepared for a real estate holding that identifies potential or existing environmental contamination liabilities. 


Wetlands, streams, lakes, ponds and other waters are regulated by state and federal law, and permits are required to impact these water bodies. Obtaining state and federal wetland permits is necessary for projects requiring unavoidable impacts to wetlands.

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Benthic Sampling

The benthic community is made up of species that live on or in the sea bed, river, lake or stream bottoms. Benthic macroinvertebrates are commonly used as indicators of the general biological condition of waterbodies.

Cultural Resources Studies

Cultural resources studies and archaeological surveys are a specialized type of land surveying conducted to report the finds made in an archeological site or to show the relationship of the archaeological site to the landscape.

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Threatened & Endangered Species Surveys

A threatened/endangered species survey is a field survey using existing database and published location records for threatened species as well as an on-ground site visit actively searching or sampling for present species.

GIS Services

The geographic information system (GIS) services offered by BVA allow for the visualization of geographic data, analysis of spatial relationships, and efficient data management in one common format for easy access and utilization. 

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Stream Rapid Bioassessments

Rapid Bioassessments (RBAs) are state-specific methods of assessing streams using the physical characteristics of a stream along with a series of biological metrics to determine overall stream health.


Terrestrial & Submerged Aquatic Vegetative Monitoring

Vegetation monitoring provides useful information by identifying any changes in plant communities, and can be used to identify indicators of widespread ecosystem transformation. 

Wetland Mitigation & Restoration

Wetland mitigation is used to create or enhance wetlands to offset impacts to other systems.

When wetland impacts are unavoidable, wetlands mitigation often becomes a necessary part of the permitting process.

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Marine & Freshwater Taxonomy

BVA senior taxonomists are nationally recognized experts in the identification of marine crustaceans and polychaetes.

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